Plastic Surgery – Good Choice Or Bad Decision

Plastic Surgery – Good Choice Or Bad Decision

In the past plastic surgery, has been something only rich people could afford. But, in the recent years, things are changing, and more and more people are accepting this trend. American are visiting plastic surgeons in hope to fix their imperfections. But, are these surgeries harmless as many doctors represent them. Learn more about modern trends and that side effect they might cause you.

Nose job

Nose Job

The nose job is one of the most popular procedures among the American. A skilled doctor may make your nose look smaller, by removing bumps or taking care of the crook. Doctors suggest that people younger than 15 shouldn’t perform this procedure. Some major problems aren’t recorded, the only thing that can make you change your mind is that surgery is very painful.


We all want to look younger and in most cases the face – lifting is the answer for that. Starting from the ears, a surgeon will remove the excess of the skin. In some cases, if you overdo with face – lifting, you won’t be able to laugh frequently. In the last couple of years, this procedure is losing its popularity. Now people are using filters of Botox to remedy imperfection on their skin.


For individuals who don’t like to exercise, liposuction is a great solution. But, in some cases, it can lead to death if a doctor removes a significant amount of fat from your body. The healthier option is a diet or the use of some natural supplements, such as chocolate slim, which will help you reduce your weight.


WELCOME to the featured articles of the Journal of College and Character.

Jon C. Dalton, Co-editor

Pamela C. Crosby, Co-editor

Eboo Patel and Cassie Meyer, Interfaith Youth Core

Engaging Religious Diversity on Campus: The Role of

Vincent D. Rougeau, Notre Dame Law School

Reforming the Legal Profession Through Faith-Based Service Learning for Law Students

Dennis Wiese, University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Tony W. Cawthon, Clemson University

The Uniformity of Spiritual Culture in Nine Southern Student Affairs Graduate Preparation Programs

Glen L. Sherman, William Paterson University

Martin Heidegger’s Concept of Authenticity: A Philosophical Contribution to Student Affairs Theory

Sandra Nadelson, Boise State University; Louis Nadelson, Boise State University; and Richard Osguthorpe, Boise State University

Perceptions of Education, Engineering, and Nursing Faculty Members Regarding their Role in Helping Students Develop Professional Behavior

Jon C. Dalton and Pamela C. Crosby, Florida State University

Living with Maybes: The Upside of Hard Times for College Students

George Kuh, Indiana University

Hard Truths in Dark Times: Avoiding Campus Climate Depression in a Recession

Diana Chapman Walsh, Wellesley College

Holding on to Higher Education’s Highest Calling in Hard Times

Susan R. Komives, University of Maryland

Seasons or Global Warming: Reflections on Financial Challenges in Higher Education

Florence A. Hamrick, Iowa State University

Choosing to Hope in Challenging Times

Larry Moneta, Duke University

Hoping in Hard Times

Lisa M. Vaughn, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center/University of Cincinnati College of Medicine; Stacey Naylor, Xavier University; and Stacy White, Jr., University of Connecticut

Relationship of Attachment Style and Ethnic Identity to Self-Actualization in College Students

Andrew M. Guest, James M. Lies, Jeff Kerssen-Griep, and Thomas J. Frieberg, University of Portland

Concepts of Social Justice as a Cultural Consensus: Starting Points for College Students of Different Political Persuasions

Mark Wm. Radecke, Susquehanna University

SCAM-ing Service-Learning and Mission Trips: A Satirical Essay

Robert Rodgers, The Ohio State University

Learning and Development: One and the Same?

Shane J. Lopez, Clifton Strengths Institute/Gallup, and Michelle C. Louis, Bethel University/Noel Strengths Academy

The Principles of Strengths-Based Education

Nansook Park, University of Rhode Island, and Christopher Peterson, University of Michigan

Character Strengths: Research and Practice

Ben Merriman, University of Chicago, and Sarah Wilson-Merriman, University Center Chicago

Radical Ethical Commitments on Campus: Results of Interviews with College-Aged Vegetarians

Cheryl Brown Lilly, Florida State University, and Robert Schwartz, Florida State University

Perceptions of Values at a Public Research University

Scott Seider, Boston University, and Howard Gardner, Harvard University

The Fragmented Generation

Rita Mei-Ching Ng, Ohio University, Zanesville

College and Character: What did Confucius Teach Us About the Importance of Integrating Ethics, Character, Learning, and Education?

Jon C. Dalton, Florida State University and Pamela C. Crosby, Florida State University

Hoping in Hard Times: The Transformative Power of Hope in College Student Development

Richard P. Keeling, Keeling & Associates, LLC

Learning as Transformation: Resourcefulness and Renewal in Higher Education

Marcia B. Baxter Magolda, Miami University

Promoting Self-Authorship to Promote Liberal Education

Michael D. Coomes, Bowling Green State University Maureen E. Wilson, Bowling Green State University

The Contributions of Student Affairs to a Liberal Education: Three Imperative Questions

Marion Larson, Bethel University and Sara Shady, Bethel University

Interfaith Dialogue in a Pluralistic World: Insights from Martin Buber and Miroslav Volf

John Pijanowski, University of Arkansas

The Role of Learning Theory in Building Effective College Ethics Curricula

Robin Cooper, Nova Southeastern University

Constructing Belonging in a Diverse Campus Community

Karen S. Linstrum, Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Ethical Training, Moral Development, and Ethical Decision Making in Master’s-Level Counseling Students

Richard R. Crocker, Dartmouth College

Faith and Service in Private Non-sectarian Colleges

Rita Bornstein, Rollins College

Ethics and Leadership: A Former President Reflects on the Pivotal Role of Character in the College Presidency

Sharon Daloz Parks, Whidbey Institute

Leadership, Spirituality, and the College as a Mentoring Environment

Jon C. Dalton and Pamela C. Crosby, Florida State University

Is Transformative Learning Illiberal? Some Considerations in Applying the Learning Paradigm in Out-of-Class Settings

Cheryl Keen, Walden University, and Kelly Hall, Wright State University

Post-Graduation Service and Civic Outcomes for High Financial Need Students of a Multi-Campus, Co-Curricular Service-Learning College Program

Dessa Bergen-Cico, Syracuse University, and Joe Viscomi, Syracuse University

Civic Aspirations as a Protective Factor Against College Students’ Abuse of Alcohol

Lee S. Duemer, Texas Tech University, Sheila Delony, Abeline Christian University, Kathleen Donalson, Eastern New Mexico University, and Amani Zaier, Texas Tech University

Behavioral Expectations of 110 Nationally Ranked Liberal Arts Colleges

Terrell L. Strayhorn, University of Tennessee

How College Students’ Engagement Affects Personal and Social Learning Outcomes

Debbie S. Easterling, Salisbury University, and Kenneth Smith, Salisbury University

A Factor-analytic Investigation of Students’ Perceptions Regarding Purpose, Choice of Major, and Future Work

Derek Maher, East Carolina University, David Knox, East Carolina University, and Angela DeCuzzi, East Carolina University

College Student Attitudes Toward Buddhism and Islam

Anne Colby, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Intersections of Political and Moral Development

Harry C. Boyte, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

The American Dream

Samuel Speers, Vassar College

The Secular Thesis Revisited: Religious Life on the Secular College Campus Today

Elizabeth Hollander, Tufts University, and Nicholas V. Longo, Providence College

Student Political Engagement and the Renewal of Democracy

Larry A. Braskamp, The Gallup Organization

Developing Global Citizens

Shouping Hu, Florida State University

Do Financial Aid Awards in College Affect Graduates’ Democratic Values and Civic Engagement?

Perry L. Glanzer, Baylor University, andTodd C. Ream, Indiana Wesleyan University

Educating Different Types of Citizens: Identity, Tradition, and Moral Education

Roger Geertz Gonz�lez, Florida International University

College Student Spirituality at a Hispanic Serving Institution

Kieran Mathieson and Catherine Tyler, Oakland University

“We Don’t Need No Stinking Ethics”: The Struggle Continues

James W. Wagner, President, Emory University

The Practice of Community

  1. Robert Connor, President, Teagle Foundation Inc.

A Second Adolescence: Two Big Questions and Where They Belong

Robert J. Nash, University of Vermont

“Facing One Another in This Place”: Using Moral Conversation to Talk about Controversial Topics in College Settings

Cheryl Keen, Walden University

Reflections on Discussing “Hot Topics” on Campus and Antioch College’s Legacy of Open Community Dialogue

Scott Seider, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Lessons from a Hunger Strike at Harvard

Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein, Mark A. Stellmack, and Margaret L. Shilkey, University of Minnesota

Comparison of Honor Code and Non-Honor Code Classrooms at a Non-Honor Code University

Linda A. Sanders, University of Denver

Raising Consciousness and Examining Values Through Playback Theatre

Irina Khramtsova, Arkansas State University

Character Strengths in College: Outcomes of a Positive Psychology Project

Ashley Tull, University of Arkansas andChristianne I. Medrano, Indiana University

Character Values Congruence and Person-Organization Fit in Student Affairs: Compatibility between Administrators and the Institutions That Employ Them

Arthur Sandeen, University of Florida

Some Personal Reflections After 42 Years in Student Affairs

Gregory S. Blimling, Rutgers University

You Can’t Rock The Boat If You’re Rowing It: And Other Observations About Life as a Student Affairs Administrator

Nancy Thomas, Director of the Democracy Imperative at the University of New Hampshire

Educating for Deliberative Democracy: The Role of Public Reason and Reasoning

Eboo Patel, Interfaith Youth Core

Religious Diversity and Cooperation on Campus

Donald A. Crosby, Colorado State University

The Most Important Course in the University

Catherine Fobes, Alma College

Vocation and Racial Discrimination in Campus Ministry

Charles J. Yoos II, Fort Lewis College and United States Air Force Academy

“il faut cultiver notre jardin.” Cultivating the College Garden of Character—a Process of Character Development at Liberal Arts Colleges

Julia van der Ryn, Dominican University of California

Thinking and Action: Preparing Students to Engage Complexity within Themselves and in the World

Cadence Kidwell, Florida State University

Discussing Mary: An Academic’s Experience of Faith in the Classroom

Phyllis L. Mable,Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education

CAS: Encouraging Moral and Civic Learning Through Quality Programs and Services for Students

Victor Kazanjian, Wellesley College; Peter Laurence, Education as Transformation Project at Wellesley College

The Journey Toward Multi-faith Community on Campus: The Religious and Spiritual Life Program at Wellesley College

Laurie D. Casteen, University of Virginia; Elizabeth M. Gibson, Virginia Theological Seminary; and Patricia M. Lampkin, University of Virginia

Fostering Moral Reflection and Perception in College

Dafina Lazarus Stewart, Bowling Green State University

“Feed My Sheep”: Faculty Shepherding Student Ethical Development in College

Stephen J. Nelson, Bridgewater State College

The Crucible of Crisis: Three Presidents Confront the Perfect Storm

Art Chickering, Goddard College

On What Basis Do You Vote? Developmental Perspectives for a Pluralistic Democracy

Larry Braskamp, Loyola University Chicago

Three “Central” Questions Worth Asking

Jane Fried, Central Connecticut State University

Thinking Skillfully and Respecting Difference: Understanding Religious Privilege on Campus

Ric Keaster, Western Kentucky University

As You Leave for College

Mark Wm. Radecke, Susquehanna University

Service-Learning and Faith Formation

Anthony R. Artino, Jr., University of Connecticut

Assessing Ethical Dilemmas in Educational Research: Does Formal Ethics Training Make a Difference?

Daniel Saunders, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The Impact of Neoliberalism on College Students

Kieran Mathieson, Oakland University.

Sneaking a Philosophical Camel into a Business Tent: Labeling the Summum Bonum for Business Students

William Palmer, Alma College

Teaching Hidden Wholeness: Spirituality and Literature

Catherine Ganiere, Brigham Young University; Scott L. Howell, Brigham Young University; and Richard D. Osguthorpe, Boise State University.

“Like Produces Like”: John Heyl Vincent and His 19th Century Theory of Character Education

Dennis Attick, Georgia State University

Television, Experience, and Knowledge: A Deweyan Critique of TV in the Lives of American Youth

Alyssa N. Bryant, North Carolina State University

The Effects of Involvement in Campus Religious Communities on College Student Adjustment and Development

Larry Moneta, Vice President for Student Affairs at Duke University

Clash of Cultures

Larry D. Roper, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Oregon State University

Controversy and Community: The Effect and Affect of Student Values Expression

James T. Walz, Orlando V. Griego, and George S. Babbes, Azusa Pacific University

Does Gaming Lead to Cheating? A Model of Gaming to Cheating

Scott Seider, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Frame-Changing Experiences and the Freshman Year: Catalyzing A Commitment to Service-Work and Social Action

Kimberly M. Tatum and Susan W. Harrell, University of West Florida

Ethical Issues Faced by the Dual Professional: Lawyers as Faculty in Higher Education

Rodney Arnold, College of the Ozarks, Barbara N. Martin, University of Central Missouri, Michael Jinks, University of Central Missouri, and Linda Bigby, University of Central Missouri

Is there a Relationship between Honor Codes and Academic Dishonesty?

Anna E. McEwan, University of Montevallo

Do Metaphors Matter in Higher Education?

President Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M., DePaul University

All the Questions: Spirituality in the University

Arthur Chickering, Goddard College

Strengthening Spirituality and Civic Engagement in Higher Education

Jon C. Dalton, Florida State University

Community Service and Spirituality: Integrating Faith, Service, and Social Justice at DePaul University

Charles R. Strain, DePaul University

Moving Like a Starfish: Beyond a Unilinear Model of Student Transformation in Service Learning Classes

Molly Andolina, Ellen Meents-DeCaigny and Karl Nass, DePaul University

College Students, Faith and the Public Realm: The Relationship Between Religious Attitudes and Civic and Political Engagement

JoAnn Campbell, Minnesota Campus Compact

Practices from Spiritual Direction that Deepen Civic Engagement

Andrea Smith Shappell, University of Notre Dame Methods of Theological Reflection in the Summer Service Learning Program: Integrating Spirituality and Civic Engagement Marco Tavanti, DePaul University Engaged Vincentian Leadership: The Values and Competencies That Inspire leaders to serve in the footsteps of St. Vincent de Paul Donald L. Opitz, DePaul University Attending to Spirituality in Issues of Science and Religion: Challenges and Triumphs Eileen Sullivan, Northern Illinois University and Brandy Cunningham, Iowa State UniversityEducating Principled Citizens: A Small Private College Advances Its Long-Standing Mission Via Lessons Learned from a New Values Initiative at a Large Public University Samuel Wells, Dean of the Chapel at Duke University and Craig Kocher, Assistant Dean of the Chapel Duke UniversitySay Something Spiritual: Speaking the Truth in a Culture Committed to Diversity George Allan, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Dickinson CollegeDarwinian Spirituality Jon C. Dalton, David Eberhardt, Jillian Bracken, and Keith Echols, Florida State University Inward Journeys: Forms and Patterns of College Student Spirituality Joanna Sturhahn Stratton, Angela Mielke, Susan Kirshenbaum, Amanda Goodrich, and Cynthia McRae, University of DenverFinding a Balanced Life: Factors That Contribute to Life Satisfaction in Graduate Students Samuel Grubbs, Silpakorn University The Administrative Oversight of Campus Religious Groups in the Southeast Jennifer Jordan, Youngstown State University, Don Martin, Youngstown State University, Magy Martin, Psychologist, and Suzanne Semivan, University of Akron UniversityThe Effect of Moral Orientation Variables in Counseling College Students Erin E. Block, VOICES Project, Saint Louis UniversityDeveloping Evaluation Methodologies for the Retreat Setting: A Case Study Charles Bowen, Harriet Bessette, and T. C. Chan, Kennesaw State University Including Ethics in the Study of Educational Leadership Glenda R. Balas, University of New MexicoThe Lessons of Anapra: International Service Learning and Character Education Chris M. Ray, and Diane M. Montgomery, Oklahoma State UniversityViews in Higher Education toward Methods and Approaches for Character Development of College Students Aaron M. Kuntz, University of Massachusetts Amherst Academic Citizenship: The Risks and Responsibility of Reframing Faculty Work Sandra Nadelson University of Nevada Las Vegas The Role of the Environment in Student Ethical Behavior Adam Gismondi University of Florida The Downside of the Internet: Cheating and Technology in Higher Education Gary D. Malaney, University of Massachusetts AmherstEducating for Civic Engagement, Social Activism, and Political Dissent: Adding the Study of Neoliberalism and Imperialism to the Student Affairs Curriculum W. Pitt Derryberry, Western Kentucky University, Hannah Snyder, University of Pennsylvania, Travis Wilson, Kentucky Christian College, and Brian Barger, Western Kentucky UniversityMoral Judgment Differences in Education and Liberal Arts Majors: Cause for Concern? Scotty McLennan, Dean of Religious Life, Stanford UniversityMoral and Spiritual Inquiry in the Academic Classroom Melissa D. Ousley, University of ArizonaHope for a More Equitable Society: Student Values and Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Debra Buchanan, Abby Sharpe, and Joseph Martin Stevenson, Jackson State University Academic Citizenship and Public Service for Modern Higher Learning in a Post-Civil Rights Era Lisa A. Kihl, University of Minnesota What’s Morality Got to Do with It? Nicole M. LaVoi, University of Minnesota, and F. Clark Power, University of Notre Dame Pathways to Fostering Civic Engagement in Collegiate Female Athletes: An Exploratory Study Joseph Doty, United States Military AcademySports Build Character?! Theodore R. Curtis, Lynn UniversityEncouraging Student-Athletes’ Academic Success Through Task Orientation Goal-Setting Andy Rudd and Michael J. Mondello, Florida State UniversityHow Do College Coaches Define Character? A Qualitative Study with Division IA Head Coaches Mark Mulder, Jeff Bouman, Joy Van Marion, and Don DeGraaf, Calvin CollegeConnecting the Mind, Heart and Hands Through Intentional Community at Calvin College Toby Jenkins, Penn State University, and Clayton Walton, Rutgers UniversitySetting the Stage for Character Development through Culturally Specific Advising Practices Margaret Jablonski, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill A Pilgrimage to My Roots: Exploring Student Affairs and Spirituality in Ireland Bill Laramee, Berea College Reflections of a Spiritual Journey: Finding a New Commons for New Students Arthur W. Chickering, Goddard CollegeAuthenticity and Spirituality in Higher Education: My Orientation William R. Molasso, Northern Illinois University Exploring Frankl’s Purpose in Life with College Students Marcia B. Baxter Magolda, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, with Pam Crosby, Florida State UniversitySelf-Authorship and Identity in College: An Interview with Marcia B. Baxter Magolda Stephanie Raill, Macalester College, and Elizabeth Hollander, Campus CompactHow Campuses Can Create Engaged Citizens: The Student View Judy Rogers, Miami University,and Patrick Love, Pace University Preparing Professionals to Respond to Students’ Search for Meaning (Reprint from 2004) Don Johnson, Oregon State University“Finding Wholeness: Students’ Search For Meaning And Purpose In College” Carol Bliss, California State Polytechnic University, PomonaIntegrating Meaning and Purpose: The Student-Centered College Classroom David Norenberg, State University of New York at Canton, Kathleen Buckley, St. Lawrence University; and Heidi Dwyer Emma Willard School “Build Your Own Beliefs I & II:” Two Programs Designed to Help Students Deborah L. Ford, John C. Cavanaugh, and Hal White, University of West Florida , UniversityLife Choices: The Search for Meaning Scotty McLennan,Stanford UniversityDoorways to Spirituality for Students: A Chaplain’s View Shirley Hershey Showalter,Fetzer InstituteLearning to Lead, Learning to Love: A Personal Journey Toward Wholeness Carney Strange,Bowling Green State UniversityFrom Here to Clare: Yearnings of a Scholar-Turned-Dad Kelly Ward,Washington State University,Lois Trautvetter,Northwestern University, and Larry Braskamp,Loyola University Chicago Putting Students First: Creating a Climate of Support and Challenge Margaret Jablonski,University of North Carolina Chapel HillHidden Wholeness: Spiritual Leadership Patricia Calderwood, Fairfield UniversityLiving and Learning in Community: Blending Intentional and Learning Community on Campus Laura Jones, Southern OregonWhat Does Spirituality in Education Mean? Louis B. Gallien, Regent College and Zenobia Hikes, Virginia Tech UniversityThe Fusion of Curricular and Co-Curricular Affairs at Spelman College: An Administrative Case Study Marshalita Sims Peterson, Spelman CollegeThe Ethical Dilemmas of High-Stakes Testing and Issues for Teacher Preparation Programs Daniel L. McCollum, University of Houston, Clear LakeWhat are the Social Values of College Students?: A Social Goals Approach Chris A. LarsenCollege of the Ozarks and Barbara N. Martin, Missouri State UniversityAn Examination of the Effectiveness of a Collegiate Character Education Program Megan Miller, Maryland Institute College of ArtUsing Art in Collegiate Settings to Encourage Moral and Intellectual Development


Lena Hegi Welch , Trevecca Nazarene University

A Content Analysis of Traditional Undergraduate Course Syllabi: Reinforcing the Message of Academic Honesty?

Thomas B. Coburn, President of Naropa University

Cultivating Spiritual Academics for Leadership—A Presidential Perspective

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Frederick G. Lopez, University of Houston, Stephanie Chervinko, Thad Strom, Pei-Chen Hsu, Janet Kinney, Mary Bradley, Michigan State University

What Does it Mean to be an Adult?: A Qualitative Study of College Students’ Perceptions and Coping Processes

  1. Sue Hulett, Knox College

A Survey of Religion on Campus and the Impact of the Knox Experience

Jessica A. Kerby and Phillip Johnson, Western Michigan University

Students’ Reactions to Cheating: An Examination of the Effects of Confession on Forgiveness and Emotions

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Diana Chapman Walsh, President of Wellesley College

Trustworthy Leadership

Scott D. Miller, President of Wesley College

Offering Roots and Wings: How Can a Values-Centered Education Help?

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Terrell L. Strayhorn, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Democratic Education and Public Universities in America

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Melissa Ousley, Pima Community College

Value Conflict: Student Development and The Costs and Benefits of Entrepreneurial Partnerships in Higher Education

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Jacqueline Klein, University of Iowa

A Collegiate Dilemma: The Lack of Formal Training in Ethics for Professors


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Jean Liddell, Auburn University and Valerie Fong

Faculty Perceptions of Plagiarism

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Steven M. Ackerknecht, SUNY Cobleskill

The Cobleskill Creed, Guiding Principles Supporting Community and Character

Sara Hopkins-Powell, Southern Oregon University

Creating Silence on the Campus

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John Miller, Albert Schweitzer College

Albert Schweitzer College

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Ranjini Thaver, Stetson University

Education in Praxis: The Case Of Stetson University’s Microcredit Initiatives

Pamela C. Crosby, Florida State University

Awakening the Spirit: The Role of Higher Education in Leading Students to Discover and Pursue Their Calling: Part IV: Finding Meaning at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Claudia Beversluis, Jane Hendriksma and Shirley Roels, Calvin College

Consistent Moral Formation in a Reformed Christian College

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Carol Gregg, Alma College

Discover “Vocation”: An Essay on the Concept of Vocation

August Turak, Self Knowledge Symposium

Brother John

Food service

Liesa Stamm, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Leadership for Recovering Spirit


Victoria S. Wilke, Loyola University Chicago

Teaching Future Teachers about Vocation: Lessons from Mr. Hatch and Miss Rumphius


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Jon C. Dalton, Florida State University

Supporting Students’ Spiritual Growth in College: Recommendations for Student Affairs Practioners

Arthur W. Carter, Penn State University

Communitarianism: Implications for Addressing College Student Values

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Jan M. Lloyd, University of Georgia

Is Civic Responsibility a Purpose for Leadership Development Programs


Helen Janc, George Washington University

A Case Study: Student Political Civic Leadership Development In a Higher Education Coordinating Board

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Robert Hynes, Fitchburg State College

Maximizing Outcomes of Volunteer Programs Through a Functional Approach to Motivation

Pamela C. Crosby, Florida State University

Awakening the Spirit: The Role of Higher Education in Leading Students to Discover and Pursue Their Calling. Part III: Creating Informed Student Activists at Connecticut College

James O. Pawelski, Vanderbilt University

Character as Ethical Democracy: Definitions and Measures

Public service

Larry Braskamp, Loyola University Chicago

Fostering Holistic Student Development: Perspectives of Chief Academic Officers

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Eileen Sullivan, Loras College

Perceptions of Consensual Amorous Relationship Polices (CARPs)

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Lawrence S. Krieger, Florida State University

Roasting the Seeds of Law School Stress

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Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA

Spirituality in Higher Education: A National Study of College Students’ Search for Meaning and Purpose


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Thomas J. Johnson, Jean Kristeller, and Virgil L. Sheets, Indiana State University

Religiousness and Spirituality in College Students: Separate Dimensions with Unique and Common Correlates

Donna L. Hight, Ph.D. and Diana L. Cooper, Ph.D., University of Georgia

Communicating for Character: Designing Community Values Statements

Alan Arroyo, Ed.D. and George Selig, Ed.D., Regent University

Differential Assessment and Development of Character

Penn State University Division of Student Affairs

Penn State Students and the Contrast between Religion and Spirituality

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Solomon Abebe, Ph.D., Taylor University and Wanda Davis, Ph.D., College of the Southwest

Transcendence in the Public Schools: The Teacher as Moral Model

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Pamela C. Crosby, Florida State University

Awakening the Spirit: The Role of Higher Education in Leading Students to Discover and Pursue Their Calling: Part II: Learning from the Past at Fisk University

Rodger Narloch, Ph.D., St. John’s University

College students’ conceptions of vocation and the role of the higher education mentoring community

Pamela C. Crosby, Florida State University

Awakening the Spirit: The Role of Higher Education in Leading Students to Discover and Pursue Their Calling. Part I: Discovering the Self at Sarah Lawrence College

Emmanuel Oritsejafor and James S. Guseh, North Carolina Central University

Civic Education Among College Students: A Case Study

Alan Arroyo and George Selig, Regent University

Differential Assessment and Development of Character

Darrell Ray, Art Institute of Atlanta

An Examination of the Role of Race and Autonomy Level in the Moral Orientation of Male Greek Students

Jenny Lee, University of Arizona

Aurora Matzkin and Sara Arthur, New York University

Understanding Students’ Religious and Spiritual Pursuits: A Case Study at New York University

Jennifer A. Lindholm, University of California, Los Angeles

The Role of Faculty in College Students’ Spirituality


Amy E. White, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The Internet and College Students’ Motivation to Vote

Kelly Denton-Borhaug and Susan S. Stocker, Goucher College

Bridging Community Service and Life’s Great Questions: Thoughts on Co-Teaching a Service-Learning Course



Scott L. Howell, Ellen Allred, Dwight Laws, and Travis Jordan, Brigham Young University

Integrating the Aims of Brigham Young University into Its Distance Education Programs: A Case Study

Christy Cole, Ohio Northern University

Character Development as an Outcome of the Ohio Northern University Educational Experience

Arthur Chickering, Vermont College, of the Union Institute and University

Policy Issues: Legislative and Institutional

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Arthur Chickering, Vermont College, of the Union Institute and University

Curricular Content

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Arthur Chickering, Vermont College, of the Union Institute and University

Encouraging Authenticity and Spirituality in Higher Education

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Nancy L. Thomas, Society for Values in Higher Education

Bruce L. Mallory, University of New Hampshire

When the Medium is the Message: Promoting Ethical Action through Democratic Dialogue

Arthur Chickering, Vermont College, of the Union Institute and University

Liesa Stamm, Rutgers University

Jon Dalton, Florida State University

Encouraging Authenticity and Spirituality in Higher Education, Introduction – Intro


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John Bennett, Quinnipiac University

Spirituality and the Vitality of Academic Life


Neil Laughlin, University of San Francisco

Character Development in College Sport

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Susan M. Awbrey, Oakland University

Rekindling Meaning in Undergraduate Education: Institutional Culture and Character Development


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Andrea Walton, Indiana University

Teaching Philanthropy in the History of Higher Education: Values and the Public Good


Geraldine Perreault, University of Northern Iowa

Educating for Dissent as a Civic Responsibility

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James O. Pawelski, Vanderbilt University

The Promise of Positive Psychology for the Assessment of Character

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Gina L. Frieden and James O. Pawelski, Vanderbilt University

Affective Development in College Students: Strategies that Promote Ethical Decision-Making and Compassionate Choice

Kieran Mathieson, Oakland University

Elements of Moral Maturity

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Liesa Stamm, Research Consultant, Rutgers University

Can We Bring Spirituality Back to Campus? Higher Education’s Re-Engagement with Values and Spirituality*

Larry Braskamp and Robin Remich, Loyola University

The Centrality of Student Development in the Life of Faculty at Faith and Church Related Colleges and Universities

Michael Hollway, Ohio Wesleyan College

College Student Humanitarian Values

Karen Rodriguez, Council on International Educational Exchange

Cultivating Empathy and Empowerment Among Cultural Others: Values Education and Study Abroad


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Kieran Mathieson & Mukesh Bhargava, School of Business Administration, Oakland University

Do Our Students Want Values Programs?

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Joseph W. Filkins & Joseph R. Ferrari, DePaul University

The DePaul Values Project and the DeVI: Assessing Students’ Perceptions of a Private University’s Core Mission and Values

Eileen G. Sullivan & Donald G. Nieman, Bowling Green State University

The Bowling Green Experience: A State University’s Initiative to Prepare Principled Citizens


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Linda Sax, Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA

Citizenship and Spirituality Among College Students: What Have We Learned and Where Are We Headed?

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Lori J. Vogelgesang & Robert A. Rhoads, UCLA

Advancing a Broad Notion of Public Engagement: The Limitations of Contemporary Service Learning


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Stephen J. Nelson, Brown University

Internal Journeys of College Presidents: Diary Reflections about Leadership and Values: Part V



Stephen J. Nelson, Brown University

Internal Journeys of College Presidents: Diary Reflections about Leadership and Values: Part IV


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James T. Broadbear, Illinois State University

Killing the Mook and Midriff

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Sara R. Stevens, Sandra L. Caron, & Phillip Pratt, University of Maine

Decade in Review: The Importance of Religion in Shaping the Sexual Attitude of College Students in the 1990’s

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Stephen J. Nelson, Brown University

Internal Journeys of College Presidents: Diary Reflections about Leadership and Values: Part III


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Stephen J. Nelson, Brown University

Internal Journeys of College Presidents: Diary Reflections about Leadership and Values: Part II


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Brent D. Cejda & Lee S. Duemer, Texas Tech University

Fusing the Moral and the Intellectual: Behavioral Guidelines at Regional Liberal Arts Colleges



Louis B. Gallien, Jr., Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA.

Keeping It Real: Hip-Hop Culture and the Framing of Values for Contemporary African-American Students

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Sharon M. Meagher, University of Scranton in Pennsylvania

A Case for Discussion: Ethics in University-Community Outreach Efforts

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Parker J. Palmer

One Year Later: Exploring the Larger Questions of Learning and Life after September 11 – An Interview by Jon Dalton

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Stephen J. Nelson, Brown University

Internal Journeys of College Presidents: Diary Reflections about Leadership and Values: Part I


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Stephen J. Nelson, Brown University

Internal Journeys of College Presidents: Diary Reflections about Leadership and Values: Abstract

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Jenny J. Lee, University of California, Los Angeles

A Social Outcast: The Social Construction and Deconstruction of Religion in the Curriculum


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Thalia Arawi, International College, Beirut, Lebanon

Values in Education

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Anne Colby, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Whose Values Anyway?

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John B. Bennett, Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT

Replacing the Social Contract with the Covenant

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Patricia N. Pierson, Northwestern State University of Louisiana, & Geraldine H. Holmes, Louisiana State University

Perceptions of Work Ethic Among College Seniors: A Comparative Study

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John B. Bennett & Elizabeth A. Dreyer

We Are What We Study


Melissa H. Sandfort, School of the Art Institute of Chicago & Jennifer G. Haworth, Loyola University Chicago

Whassup? A Glimpse Into the Attitudes and Beliefs of the Millennial Generation

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Victor L. Worsfold, University of Texas at Dallas

Autonomy and Decency in 21st-Century Liberal Education

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Carstens, R. W., Ohio Dominican College

Comments on Worsfold’s “Autonomy and Decency

Mar�a E. Canabal, Illinois State University

Social Values of Indian and United States Female University Students: Implications for Exchange Programs

David Rowe, LaGrange College in LaGrange, Georgia

Does Allah Matter at Your Alma Mater? Religiously-Affiliated Colleges, Social Transformation and Violent Inter-Cultural Conflict

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Joseph L. Murray, Abra N. Feuerstein, & Don C. Adams, Bucknell University

Gender Differences in Moral Reasoning and University Student Views on Juvenile Justice


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Dr. Hershey H. Friedman, City University of New York

Moral Leadership: Ancient Lessons for Modern Times


Meredith A. Curtin, Emory University

The Effects of Membership in Residential Learning Communities

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Louis Gallien, Spelman College

Negotiating Ethical Dilemmas In The Classroom From A Cross-Literary and Multicultural Context


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Marcia Mentkowski, Alverno College

Transforming College Curriculum Toward Moral Learning and Civic Responsibility


Jennifer Grant Haworth, Kerry McCruden, & Lucien Roy, Loyola University Chicago

On Call: An Institutional Initiative to Explore Students’ Understandings of and Responses to Vocation

June Marshall, St. Joseph’s College

Character Education in Preservice Education: One Institution’s Response

Derek Bok, Harvard University

Universities and the Decline of Civic Responsibility

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Jon C. Dalton, Florida State University

A President’s Diary: Reflections on Leadership and Values at Penn State

Paul Ewald, Antioch University

Civil Leadership in the Academy


Barry Checkoway, University of Michigan

Strategies for Involving the Faculty in Civic Renewal

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Marybeth Gasman, Georgia State University

The President as Ethical Role Model:Instituting an Ethic of Leadership at Fisk University in the 1950s


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Tom Ehrlich, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teacing

Moral and Civic Learning

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Don Trent Jacobs, Oglala Lakota College

The Indigenous Worldview as a Prerequisite for Effective Civic Learning in Higher Education


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Gillian Wark, University of British Columbia

Personality, Gender, and the Ways People Perceive Moral Dilemmas in Everyday Life

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Ruth J. Simmons, Brown University

President’s Address to Brown University Community

John B. Bennett, Quinnipiac University

Civic and Moral Virtues: Teaching by Practicing Hospitality


Frank Fear, Lisa Latinen, Doreen Woodward, and Kris Gerulski, Michigan State University

Fusing Competence and Character: Celebrating Postmodern Expressions in Higher Education


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Verna E. Monson, University of Minnesota

Tonia S. Bock, University of Notre Dame

Educating for Ethical Action: MBA Student Perceptions of Peer Needs


Dr. Victor L. Worsfold, University of Texas at Dallas

On Making Moral Citizens

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Dr. Rivka Witenberg, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Do Unto Others: Toward Understanding Racial Tolerance and Acceptance


Elizabeth C. Vozzola, Kenneth Long, Saint Joseph College

But Is It Service? Problems of Participatory Democracy and Justice in a Service Learning Class



Jay Barber, Warner Pacific

Ethics in Practice: A Case Study in Leadership

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Dr. George Kuh, Indiana University

Do Environments Matter? A Comparative Analysis of the Impression of Different Types of Colleges and Universities on Character

Bill Puka, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

A Good-Willed Cookbook: Recipes for Ethical Problem Solving and Education

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Carney StrangeBowling Green State University

June 5th, 2000

Volume I

Spirituality at State:Private Journeys and Public Visions

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Sidney Ribeau, Bowling Green State University

April 27th, 2000

Volume I

President’s Letter to Faculty, Staff, Students, Parent