Top 4 Foods For Healthy Hair

Top 4 Foods For Healthy Hair

Beautiful, vigorous and shiny hair is the dream of every girl. Over the time, by using aggressive hair products, we damage our hair, roots, and skin. But, if you want to give your hair natural glow and strength, start using the food from our list.

Salmon for shine

Fish such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel are full of omega – 3 fat acids. Our body can make these acids, so we need to intake them through food or some supplements, such as eco slim. They will not only give you hair a natural glow, but they will protect you from diseases and boost up your immune system.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt has a lot of beneficial aspects. It will help you improve the circulation in your skull and produce the grow of the hair. Greek yogurt has a vitamin B5 which is superb with loss and thin hair. You may recognize this vitamin in many haircare products.

Eggs for growths

Your daily intake of proteins and iron is covered when you eat eggs. They also contain vitamin B, so – called biotin which can help you with hair grow. By not having enough of this vitamin, it can lead you to hair loss.

Oysters for volume


Oysters are rich in zinc. When you lack this mineral in your body and diet, you may experience the thin and breakable hair. Hair cells rely on zinc to give then fullness and resistance. You can also find this mineral in other sea fruits.


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