Ecoslim In All Kind Of Shapes

Have you ever heard about people that are afraid of pills? How to help them to intake your supplement if they are afraid of it? We have good news for you! This EcoSlim product is coming in different kind of shapes. We have something for everyone. You can order this slimming formula in a shape of pills, but also in the form of drops. Do not worry it is completely safe!

Is EcoSlim Safe?

The most common question that goes with any diet product is the question regarding safety. Feel free to intake it, due to the fact this liquid drop is not side effects-free product. It contains stimulants, but it cannot harm your metabolism. It can harm only people that are allergic to stimulants; they may feel some irritation or jittery side effects. Though you can avoid this if you stop combine it with other caffeine-rich products such as teas or colas.

How natural EcoSlims?

EcoSlimThe best thing about eco slim is the fact that is 100%natural. There is nothing fake natural regarding this product. In about three weeks you will easily lose three pounds without even noticing. You will avoid starving yourself to lose weight, but still, you will lose it anyway. The only thing you should start is counting your calories. This way you will minimize your weight without starving at all. The best is the fact that you will change your habits and make a completely new routine, which is the most important.

Welcome to Journal of College and Character

Welcome to the Journal of College and Character published by NASPA-Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education and sponsored by the Hardee Center for Leadership and Ethics in Higher Education and initiated through a grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

The special focus of this journal is character development in college . . . how colleges and universities influence, both intentionally and unintentionally, the moral and civic learning and behaviors of college students.


Dr. Jon C. Dalton, Co-editor, Florida State University

Dr. Pamela C. Crosby, Co-editor, Florida State University

Dr. Susan Weir, Associate Editor, University of South Carolina

Dr. Karen S. Linstrum, Copy Editor, Texas A&M University-Texarkana NASPA-JOURNAL OF COLLEGE AND CHARACTER


Dr. George Allan

Professor of Philosophy Emeritus

Dickinson College

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Assistant Director

Stanford Institute for Higher Education Research

Associate Professor

Stanford University

Dr. Michael J. Cuyjet

Associate Professor

University of Louisville

Dr. Kelly Denton-Borhaug

Assistant Professor

Moravian Theological Seminary

Dr. Thomas J. Johnson


Associate Director

Center for the Study of Health, Religion, & Spirituality

Indiana State University

Dr. Larry Roper

Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Oregon State University

Dr. Art Sandeen

Professor & Emeritus Vice President

University of Florida

Dr. Liesa Stamm

Research and Planning Consultant

Rutgers University

Dr. Dafina L. Stewart

Assistant Professor

Bowling Green State University

Dr. Diane Waryold

Assistant Professor

Appalachian State University



Mr. Dennis Attick, Georgia State University

Dr. Jay Brandenberger, University of Notre Dame

Dr. Larry Braskamp, Loyola University Chicago

Dr. Alyssa N. Bryant, North Carolina State University

Dr. Christopher M. Caldwell, Virginia State University

Dr. Rosa Cintron, The University of Central Florida

Dr. Mary B. Coburn, Florida State University

Prof. Theodore R. Curtis, Lynn University

Dr. Diana Denton, University of Waterloo-Canada

Dr. Pitt Derryberry, Western Kentucky University

Dr. Gina Frieden, Vanderbilt University

Dr. Perry Glanzer, Baylor University

Dr. Bill Haggard, University of North Carolina Asheville

Dr. Mary F. Howard-Hamilton, Indiana State University

Dr. Karl D. Hostetler, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Scott Howell, Brigham Young University

Dr. Shouping Hu, Florida State University

Dr. Lisa A. Kihl, University of Minnesota

Dr. Jason Laker, Queen’s University

Dr. Mark Laboe, Lincoln Park Campus, DePaul University

Dr. Peter Laurence, Education as Transformation

Dr. Gary D. Malaney, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Dr. Kieran Mathieson, Oakland University

Dr. George McClellan, Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne

Dr. Phyllis McCluskey-Titus, Illinois State University

Dr. Stephen Nelson, Bridgewater State College

Dr. Laura Osteen, Florida State University

Dr. Lori Patton, Iowa State University

Dr. Mark Wm Radecke, Susquehanna University

Dr. Dennis Roberts, Qatar Foundation

Dr. Katrina Rodriguez, University of Northern Colorado

Dr. A.G. Rud, Purdue University

Dr. Leslie Sadler Meyerhoff, Cornell University

Dr. Robert Schwartz, Florida State University

Dr. C. Carney Strange, Bowling Green State University

Dr. Ashley Tull, University of Arkansas

Dr. Kelly Ward, Washington State University

Dr. Chuck Yoos, Fort Lewis College, USAFA


Dr. Alyssa Bryant

Spirituality on Campus Editor

Assistant Professor

North Carolina University

Mr. David Eberhardt

Ethical Issues on Campus Editor

Dean of Students

Birmingham-Southern College

Dr. Debora Liddell

New Scholars and Scholarships Editor

Associate Professor

University of Iowa

Dr. Liesa Stamm

What They’re Reading Editor

Saint Joseph College

Ms. Amanda Weldy

Student Reflections Editor



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