College Student Creeds/Covenants

This column contains examples of college student creeds, covenants, and other forms of student compacts used by colleges and universities. These institutional statements are published with permission from the respective colleges and universities.

Many colleges and universities are using student creeds and covenants to communicate institutional core values. Institutions of all types and sizes are using student compacts as a means to promote values and character development among students. In this section we provide examples of institutional student compacts that may be of assistance in efforts to encourage character development in college. Self-esteem is very important for that and that’s why we advise you to take a look at for taking care of your health and beauty.

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  • University of Colorado “Colorado Creed”
  • University of Cincinnati-Sharing a Commitment for a Just Community
  • Merrill College at University of California at Santa Cruz-Community Expectations
  • Samford University-Code of Values
  • Ohio University- Commitment for a Just and Diverse Community
  • St. John Fisher College – The Fisher Creed
  • Vanderbilt University-Community Creed
  • Old Dominion University-Monarch Creed
  • Auburn University – Creed
  • Columbus State (Georgia)- University Creed
  • Loyola University (New Orleans)- Loyola Character and Commitment Statement
  • Central Missouri State-Central Community Creed
  • Lane Community College- Core Values
  • University of South Carolina-Carolinian Creed
  • Southwest Missouri State University-Community Principles
  • Bowling Green State University-Core Values
  • The University of Connecticut-Community Expecations
  • University of California, Davis-Principles of Community
  • Western Carolina University-Community Creed
    • Olivet College-Olivet Compact
    • University of Pittsburgh-Pitt Promise
    • Maryville College- Maryville Covenant
    • Syracuse University-SU Compact
    • State University of New York-Potsdam Pledge
    • Winthrop University-Dedication of Excellence

    The list of schools that had institutional statements:

    Institutional Creeds

    • University of South Carolina – Carolinian Creed
    • University of Cincinnati-Sharing Commitment for a Just Community
    • Ohio University – Commitment for a Just and Diverse Community
    • Samford University- University Code of Values
    • University of Connecticut – Community Expectations
    • Louisiana State University – Commitment Community
    • St. Olaf University-A Spirit of Community
    • Merrill College at University of California at Santa Cruz- Community Expectations
    • Bowling Green State University-Core Values
    • Sonoma State University – Creating Community in the Freshman Year
    • Lane Community College – Values and Behaviors
    • Duke University – Values and Operating Principles
    • St. John Fisher College – The Fisher Creed
    • Wake Forest Community – Guiding Principles
    • University of Miami in Ohio – Statement Asserting Respect for Human Diversity
    • University of St. Thomas – Community Expectations
    • Vanderbilt University – Community Creed
    • Old Dominion University – Monarch Creed
    • Columbus State University – University Creed
    • Seton Hall University – Community Standards
    • Western Carolina University – Community Creed
    • Michigan Technical University – Community Standards
    • University of Pittsburgh – Pitt Promise
    • Goshen College – Standards for guiding our life together (Mennonite Church)
    • King’s College – Student Bill of Responsibilities
    • University of California, Davis – principles of community
    • Syracuse University – SU Compact
    • Chesapeake College – Core Values
    • Loyola University, New Orleans – Loyola Character and Commitment Statement
    • Red Rocks Community College – College Values
    • Lexington College – Values Statement
    • Case Western Reserve University – Statement of Ethics
    • Loyola University, Chicago – Principles of Student Conduct: Loyola University Chicago Ethos Statement
    • East Carolina University – University Creed
    • Carnegie Mellon – Community Code
    • Central Missouri State University – The Central Community Creed
    • Columbia University – Code of Conduct
    • Colby College – Student Leader Ethic Statement
    • Georgetown University – Ethos Statement
    • Rice University – Student Responsibility
    • Southwest Missouri State University – Community Principles
    • State University of New York (Postdam) – Postdam Pledge
    • University of Akron – Statement of Expectations
    • University of Maine – Citizenship and Community Standards
    • University North Dakota – Community Values Statement
    • Winthrop University – Dedication to Excellence
    • Leicester – College Values
    • Auburn University – Auburn Creed
    • Maryville College – Maryville Covenant
    • Olivete College – Olivete Compact
    • Indiana Wesleyan University – Core Values

    Institutional Tenets

    • Brown University – Tenets of Community Behavior
    • University of Arkansas – Institutional Tenets
    • University of Maryland – Judicial Programs Tenets

    Athletic Creeds/Missions

    • Northwestern University – Team Philosophy and Creed (Women’s Swimming and Diving)
    • Arizona State University – Mission Statement for Arizona Football
    • Salve Regina (Newport, RI) – Mission Statement for Athletics
    • Clemson University – Mission Statement
    • Loyola University of Chicago – Mission Statement – Ethos Statement
    • Wake Forest – Pledge of Ethical Conduct and Sportsmanship
    • Florida State University – Mission Statement
    • Lawrence University – Rides, Runs, and Rituals

    Resident Life Creeds/Missions

    • University of Nevada, Las Vegas – Mission and Goals
    • Georgetown University – Mission Statement
    • Marquette University – Ethos Statement
    • University of St. Thomas – Community Standards
    • Spelman College – Residential Rules
    • Western Michigan University – Community Living Expectations
    • Howard University – Mission Statement
    • St. Norbert College – Community Expectations
    • Florida State University – Community Expectations
    • University of Wisconsin, Oskosh – Citizenship Program

    International Institutional Creeds/Missions

    • King’s College, Cambridge – Ritual Remembrance Ceromony
    • Scotch College, Adelaide – Statement of Vision, Mission and Core Values
    • Murdoch University, (Australia) – Mission Statement
    • University of Technology, Jamaica – Service Mandate

    Faculty Creeds

    • Depaul University – Center for Values
    • Southern Methodist University – Mission of the Faculty Senate
    • University of Michigan – Tenets Statement

    Student Affairs Creeds/Missions

    • University of North Texas – Mission Statement
    • Southern Methodist University – Operating Principles/Mission Statement
    • University of Tennessee – Mission Statement
    • University of Nebraska, Omaha – Mission Statement
    • Texas Technical University – Core Values
    • McMurry University – Tenets of Student Affairs
    • Marquette University – Mission Statement

    Miscellaneous/Departmental Creeds

    • University of Rochester – Student Foundation Creed
    • National Pre – Alumni Creed
    • Notre Dame College – Campus Ministry Mission
    • Southern Methodist University – Counseling Service Mission
    • Georgetown University – Registrars Mission
    • Illinois State University – Police Mission Statement
    • New England University – Equity Office
    • Ohio State University at Lima – The Writing Center Mission
    • Emory University – Campus Ethos International Peer Group
    • University of Michigan – student-led Sustainable Goals and Mission Statement
    • Southern Illinois University – Student Publication Statement of Policy
    • University of Minnesota – College of Human Ecology Mission Statement

    Miscellaneous Role/Mission Statements

    • University of Nebraska – Role and Mission
    • Emory University, Oxford – College Student Conduct
    • Georgetown University – Mission Statement
    • University of Washington – Role and Mission
    • University of Michigan – Sustainability Goals and Mission Statement

    Following are some suggestions for developing and implementing a student compact at your institution:

    1. Ensure the initiative is directed by the President of the Institution. For instance at Bowling Green State University, the president made a values initiative a high priority and an institutional goal.
    2. Use resources to learn how other institutions like yours have implemented a student compact.
    3. Assess your institution’s student culture and institutional community culture to identify the core values that the insitution formally and informally transmits.
    4. Establish an ongoing task force to evaluate and coordinate an approaches to implement a recognized student compact.
    5. Develop strategic initiatives and a timeline for implementating a student compact
    6. Work to seek support and approval from faculty, staff, administrators, governing bodies (i.e. board of trustees, faculty senate, student senate or government, advisory boards, residence hall associations, Greek councils, parents and alumni associations)
    7. Infuse social compact throughout the institution. Some suggestions are: 1) create or acknowledge at award ceremonies 2) encourage students to develop programs on core values 3) Ask faculty to include compact in course syllabi and incorporate in curriculum 4) cite at all ceremonial events (convocation, orientation, graduation etc..) 5) Incorporate the social compact in all student related venues(i.e. residential halls, students activities, student handbooks and calenders)
    8. Centralize institutional communications about values initiatives and enlist the support of staff who have marketing/outreach expertise.
    9. Assess effectiveness of efforts(qualitative and quantitative research) Survey students to determine impact.

    If you have a student compact and would like us to feature on the website, please email In addition, if you have any questions or suggestions, please e-mail us. Compiled by Marguerite McClinton

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